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Frequently Asked Questions


(1) When will I get called for a job?

Although we wish we could, we can't promise that we'll find the perfect job for you. As the job orders come in, it is our responsibility to find the person whose skill set, experience and availability best suit the needs of our client company. Therefore, only when a position is called in that matches your skill-set and availability will we call you to review the assignment. However, we will be honest and let you know the probability of our ability to help you, based upon your recent experience, the job market, and demand for people with your background.


(2) Do I have to accept every assignment that is offered to me?

No. When we call you about an assignment, we will tell you all of the details that we have: Where it is, what it's doing, how much it pays, how long it's for, etc…In the event, you aren't interested or you have a conflict, that's OK. We will still consider you for other assignments.


(3) Do you charge a fee?

No. All of our fees are charged to the client companies. The only thing with held from your paycheck will be the taxes mandated by the State of New Jersey and Federal Government, as indicated on your W-4 form.


(4) Can I work for more than one staffing service?

Yes. However, in the event you accept an assignment offered by Advanced Personnel Services, we would expect that you fulfill your commitment, or give us at least 2 weeks notice, if another opportunity is presented to you that you may decide to accept.


(5) What type of companies do you do business with?

We don't limit ourselves to any certain industries. Additionally, we service all different sized companies, from large international corporations to small sole proprietorships. As long as the position is one that falls within our areas of expertise and is in the geographic areas we service, we'll work on it. We won't, however, fill any job that takes place inside a residence.


(6) Is there a chance a company will hire me permanently?

That depends. Sometimes a job is called in as "temp-perm." But, even then it's not a guarantee you will get hired. Obviously, there is a trial period while you are temping. On the other hand, temping is a great way to make an impression. Accepting shorter term assignments and doing a great job, can only work in your favor. When a temp-perm opportunity becomes available in the future, you just might be requested back!


(7) How long are the assignments?

The length of each assignment is determined by the client companies. We do have a 4 hour minimum. However, there is no maximum. Assignments could last a day, a week, a month, a year or longer.